SKULT is an athleisure, freestyle brand that has been introduced into the Indian market in partnership with the Aditya Birla Group of Fashion (ABOF) and Shahid Kapoor. The key principle of the brand is ‘Fashion meets Functionality’ and ‘Design meets Innovation’. The brand is available only on ABOF’s e-commerce platform.


Creative Co executed the launch event for Shahid Kapoor X ABOF’s new clothing line “SKULT’ at Carter road, Amphitheater Bandra.


As the target segment of SKULT is a brand for all ages and income brackets, Carter Road was chosen as the venue. A shipping container , outfitted with the brand’s collection was suspended 20 feet above ground on a crane at Carter Road. As the brand is only available online , the container’s exterior had display screens featuring Teaser brand visuals, along with a live Twitter feed of SKULT the night prior to the launch. At sunset the following day , the container was brought to the ground with a performance and speech by Shahid Kapoor. Coordinated flash mobs, and other music led performances also took place on the street. Post the brand unveil, media and guests were given a preview of the collection inside the container. During this launch, simultaneously the new e- commerce collection was made open to the Indian market on ABOF’s portal.