The Creative Wall – From our Clients



Founder, Lekha Washington

“Creative Co. has always been incredibly pro-active and professional to work with. The best team for the job, self-motivated and enthusiastic. I particularly appreciate their ability to tailor to a specific client’s needs.”


Hopping Chef
Director, Shaival Chandra

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Aneesa and her team. They have helped elevate our brand right from its inception and have continued in the same fashion. This is the only firm I would recommend.”


Le Mill
Co-Founder, Cecilia M Parikh

“It’s always a pleasure to work with the all smiling Creative Co. In times of high anxiety, these sprightly girls are the best friends who you never knew you needed so badly.”


Co-Founder and Director, Abedin Sham

“Creative Co. is a one stop shop for anyone that is trying to promote their brand the right way. Brainstorming on activities, avenues, and marketing partnerships were a breeze. The team has helped us reach our desired results, as they have with almost everyone they interact with.”


A Reverie
Owners, Aakritee & Virendra Sinh

“You need someone who will guide you, bully you, someone who believes in you, takes charge, relieves you so you do what you are best at doing… You need someone who seeks gratification in being the ‘star-maker’, the ‘king-maker’, the ‘queen-maker’… That ‘someone’ is every single person on the Creative Co. team.”


India Head, Samir Kapadia

“Creative Co. is a boon for Silicon Valley. Their team is full of savvy professionals that have a keen grasp of marketing to India’s urban, digital youth. Nowhere have I found an organization that has the level of expertise, reach and network to make the bang we saw in Bombay. Their PR team is best-in-class.”


Owner, Aditya Parikh

“Creative Co. was our first choice to handle ‎our PR, Social Media and Marketing and were a pleasure to work with! Vibrant, young and sophisticated, they’re the obvious choice to market any luxury product. With an amazing network and reach, any luxury focused company is in good hands with the Creative Co. team.”


Tilt All Day
Owner, Siddharth Bhatia

“The entire team at Creative Co. is young and dynamic, making working with them a refreshing experience. They deliver a consistently high level of quality, professional work, and are hard-working and energetic. From PR to Marketing, and even help with event conceptualizing, their ideas were all customized to the brand, making them all the more effective.”


Co-Founder, Gaurav Batra

“Think Branding, Think Creative Co. Period. Aneesa embodies the core values that make her organization the best outfit among its peers, India or internationally. The team at Creative Co. is more than just someone you work with. They nurture your brand to perfection that extends 360 degrees. And so, you welcome them into your life and say thanks like you mean it.”


Marketing & Communications Manager, Maneka Thadani

“I have had the pleasure to work with Creative Co. right from their inception. Perfectionists in their own right, creative and detail-oriented, Aneesa and Farah are my go-to for any Gucci event. Congratulations on completing the four year milestone and I wish you all the success to grow from strength to strength.”


Creative Consultant, Aurélie De Cort

“Working with Creative Co. is like having the best Spa treatment without the oily factor. You get pampered. On top of that, you feel “fresh” after the event, because everything went the way you’d wish. Aneesa and her team are very attentive to your needs, they listen carefully and plan, orchestrate, find solutions or alternatives. They’re smooth, efficient, honest and caring. And a lot of fun to work with!”


Founder, Namrata Mathur

“In the world of fine jewelry or any luxury product, the most valuable teams make a business a success. From your manufacturing teams to the marketing and PR team. Creative Co. takes your business across that end of the bridge to make it a success. I am very pleased with their ethics, teamwork and most importantly the positive aggressiveness that is required to do what they do best.”


Head of Marketing, Kaveri Khullar

“Creative Co., as their name suggests, are creative minds who immerse themselves fully into the brands they work with, very quickly becoming their passionate custodians. It’s been a delight working with them, co-creating brand platforms for Ciroc, especially the very successful Sundowners that became a trend setter in Mumbai and went on to be so in Bangalore and Delhi as well. Their work has finesse and elegance and stands out especially in the world of luxury.”


Owner, Trimaan Singh

“Creative Co. has consistently secured quality media coverage for Balu Hospitality and has impressed us with their proactive approach to identifying new PR opportunities for the business. We have a fantastic relationship with the team and are constantly impressed by the enthusiasm and genuine ‘creative’ spark displayed by the team day in day out. Kudos to Team Creative Co.”


Marketing Director, Paul Brine

“The team at Farfetch really enjoyed working with Creative Co. on our Superstore Award event at Le Mill in Mumbai in 2013, which formed an important part of our launch into the Indian consumer market. Creative Co. were able to offer us unique local knowledge that would have been difficult to garner working independently. The agency also helped us to bring our event to life by working to execute not only the creative elements of our vision for the event, but also by ensuring the event production was fully considered from a 360 degree perspective, with every detail looked at and attended to. The result was a successful and memorable press and influencer event that helped expose Farfetch to a new market.”


Marketing Manager, Anwesha Dutta

“As an event management company, it’s very well planned, attention to the minutest details are taken into consideration. We had an amazing time working together on a luxury auction event; the set up was beautiful and was greatly appreciated by the high profile invitees. The choice of table décor, the flowers, the name tags and the entrance everything looked like a dream. Aneesa and Farah are very effective in planning everything way in advance; right from deciding on the table set up to the menus to make sure nothing is less than perfect. Creative Co. is the perfect company to work with if you are looking at hosting a luxury event. Their immaculate planning and impeccable taste is sure to deliver the most desirable results.”


CEO, Piyush Raj

“Working with a young team has its own pros and cons. The whole team is pretty enthusiastic and brimming with ideas and its very professional to work with them, however at times they do miss out an eye for detail in the first go, but after sitting with them and explaining them the thought process and objectives behind the whole exercise, they do get aligned to the focus and drive the project. They have been proactive in terms of getting the right amount of exposure for the Brand at the right places and right kind of media and are very prompt in following up with the media professionals as well. It’s been a great pleasure to work with them, although they tend to be formal despite me telling them to be informal and friendly with me! But I guess that’s the professionalism in them that makes them what they are!”


La Folie
Owners, Sanjana & Parthesh Patel

“Creative Co. was our first choice PR & Marketing firm to go to due to the esteemed bank of clients and brands handled by them. In our very first meeting we knew we had made the right choice. They understood our brief and suggested immediate ‘go to’ options that were in sync with what we had in mind as well. Creative Co. has a very dynamic and professional team of people who individually and efficiently handle different channels of the PR and marketing exercise. We definitely would recommend Creative Co. as a company to associate with for your start up requirements; look forward to working with them in months to come.”


Founder and Director, Arnav Jain

“Working with Creative Co. has been really good. They have great communication, a creative bunch of young and energetic professionals, who have the ability to understand the brands requirements. Building on ideas and seeing things through has been phenomenal, and we are extremely happy with their efforts. BeBajrang is definitely on the greener side with Creative Co.”


Vetro Power
Director, Varun Mukhi

“Working with Creative Co. has been a very pleasant experience. Aneesa and the team have a tremendous work ethic which translates into super-efficient results. Their strategic approach to brand building, PR and marketing has been invaluable in launching a fashion technology product. Look forward to working with the team again very soon!”