Hopping Chef


Hopping Chef is an online portal that intends to bring fine dining to the comfort of one’s home by getting top chefs to put together a gourmet menu in your kitchen. The range of services includes taking care of the ingredients to cooking and cleaning up thereafter, warranting that the host has nothing to worry about. Shaival Chandra, Sid Ugrankar and Dhaval Udeshi, the team behind the venture have ensured that the services are highly customizable, from meal preferences to dietary restrictions.



Creative Co. came on board to make sure that this revolutionary concept was correctly communicated to the right target market, and to make strategic client introductions within the food industry.



To ensure optimum curiosity and excitement for the brand, Creative Co. generated preview coverage prior to the launch in key publications. Keeping the brand aesthetic in mind, Creative Co. hosted an experiential Influencer Dinner with three Master Chefs at a VIP residence to steep the recipients wholly into the Hopping Chef experience. To sustain media presence and top-of-mind recall with the target audience, the extended communication strategy involved brand presence in trend and industry features, new menus, Chef and Spokesperson profiling and more.


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