Abode Bombay is an independent luxury boutique hotel, distinguished by its refreshing and contemporary approach to the global explorer who seeks an authentic and genuinely engaging experience. Inspired by Mumbai, with its multi-cultural influences and layers of design heritage, the hotel is unique by design, showcasing style, services, and personality on an intimate scale. Since its inception, the hotel has gained global recognition for their differentiated service and unique design. Abode is spearheaded by brother-sister duo, Abedin Sham and Jumana Lokhandwala.



Being a boutique hotel with a largely international client base, the agency came aboard as the brand consultants for Abode, to generate awareness nationally and create additional noise for the brand.



Creative Co. engaged in targeted media promotions to highlight the brand’s unique offerings, through brand and trend features, profiling the hotel and its owners and highlighting its services amongst other ideas. Creative Co. also lent their expertise towards creation of promotion material, identifying and initiating brand associations and collaborations along with event management support to give the brand holistic communications support. An exclusive pop-up at the hotel with a renowned chef, as well as the highly acclaimed Swachh Bharat ~ Swachh Colaba campaign led to reaching a wider target audience.


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