Ghost is an exclusive member’s only nightclub in South Mumbai.



The client approached Creative Co. to launch, promote and manage the activities and image of Ghost through various events and strategic brand collaborations, in order to establish its premium status. The exercise also involved building up a membership base reflective of Ghost’s target clientele.



Prior to Ghost, the venue housed Prive, a well-known nightclub that had been operational for 7 years. Ghost replaced Prive as a new concept club, therefore the exercise involved projecting the uniqueness of the new place along with special services such as personal butlers for each member’s enclosure.

The initial launch of Ghost was a by invite only affair, where guests were handpicked by Creative Co. in order to project the correct image from the onset.

In addition, all ongoing PR/Marketing activities such as celebrity DJ events, special weekend packages, magazine shoots and VIP table promotions to name a few are managed by the company.