Cîroc is an ultra-premium vodka owned by Diageo- the global liquor giant. The brand is strongly associated with the rich and famous, and positioned as a trendy, edgy and uncommon vodka worldwide. The spciality of Ciroc Vodka is that it is made from two different types of French grapes—mauzac blanc and ugni blanc—and is distilled five times unlike any other vodka in the world.



At the time the brand approached Creative Co. it had been present in India for over 6 years and had yet not made an impact in the liquor space. The client wanted Creative Co. to establish the uniqueness of the vodka , create awareness for the brands premium positioning, introduce it to the right circles, and create sustainable national properties that showcased the brands ethos correctly.



Several months were spent analyzing the brands global positioning & mandates, reviewing case studies, assessing local weaknesses, global strengths, consumer response, competitor’s strategies and future growth plans, post which Creative Co. presented a comprehensive marketing calendar to the client.

One of the most successful initiatives conceptualized by Creative Co. for the brand was the Cîroc Sundowner. The by-invite-only event started in Mumbai at the prestigious Dome got the HNI’s to experience the brand. Creative Co. closed the contract with the venue, ideated the event, brought in the artists, created the awareness across personal networks and invited friends to experience the event.

As a result, Cîroc developed a cult following in Mumbai within the first few months. The property quickly spread to Delhi and Bangalore reaching thousands of people monthly in the first season alone. The increased awareness and demand for Cîroc resulted in the brand being able to widen its distribution through high end clubs, bars and restaurants across the city.

Other initiatives were Uncommon Evenings, to bring out the uniqueness of the brand across Mumbai, Delhi, Goa and Bangalore markets.

In the first year that Creative Co. took over the brand management of Cîroc, sales tripled for the brand.


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