In the heart of bustling South Mumbai, set in a 19th century whitewashed, stone building lies a Modern American fine dine restaurant/ bar. Owned by IB Hospitality, the goal of the establishment is to re-define the experiential dining scene in Mumbai. The word Ellipsis signifies three dots at the end of a sentence, denoting that there is something more to come.



The objective was to widen the client database, and create maximum exposure for the brand across Mumbai.



Since the property was only 6 months old, the strategy revolved around educating the consumer on Ellipsis’ unique propositions and the correct positioning of the brand.

Our investigation had revealed that while the place was held in high regard it was perceived to be more expensive than its competitors, which in reality was not the case. Due to this perception, consumers tended to dine at Ellipsis for special occasions and not on a regular basis.

The strategy involved breaking down this perception through a number of planned activities, such as weekly/monthly events , spreading awareness through the media on actual price points , introducing new menus, influencer engagement activities and more.