Ajji, The Odd Product Company is the brain-child of Lekha Washington. Armed with a dual degree of lifestyle product design and film direction, Lekha graduated with honors from the prestigious National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. She started Ajji in 2013, to constantly support and foster sustainable innovation and original design – one idea seeding another idea and so on. The company is based on the idea that a product worth making is not merely decoration of an old concept; it is an original approach to a situation, seen through to its best possible conclusion. Ajji specializes in creating inspired pieces that are not stand-alone, they need user interaction.
The company is based in Bandra, in a heritage hundred and fifty years old bungalow that has been restored.



Creative Co. are the brand consultants for the Ajji Odd Product Company and came on board to help them with building and managing their market perception via Public Relations and Events. The agency has also undertaken the mandate to build the profile of the founder, Lekha Washington and position her as an industry stalwart in the creative and art space domestically.
Initiatives included having the brand retailed at a prominent South Bombay furniture store, a collaborative event in association with an established design house to launch a new collection, and working with the client to create a bespoke installation within a luxury mall in South Bombay, which received considerable media coverage.


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