Vetro Power


Being the first of its kind in Asia, Trifli Technologies launched Vetro Power, a footwear protection spray. Vetro Power is an extremely advanced nanotechnology enabled spray that provides the strongest protective coating for your footwear, banishing all shoe stains. This spray creates an invisible, hydrophobic (water repellent) and self-cleaning silicon dioxide coating, making the shoe surface water-proof and stain-proof.


As their PR partner, Creative Co.’s main agenda was to successfully introduce Vetro Power to the media universe. Post introduction it was important for us to generate curiosity among select influencers and journalists eventually leading to experience driven coverage.


The strategy was to launch this unique brand through a well-planned blogger outreach followed by an array of feature stories in select lifestyle magazines and online portals, while concentrating on building an army of influencers. With a product so unique, the outreach was executed with a focused approach. The idea was to find an unusual way of collaborating with varied brands and bloggers, thus tapping into diverse set of options.