Tilt All Day


Tilt All Day is a modern, dynamic resto-bar located in Kamala Mills. A retro warehouse transformed into a chic, urban venue, the space showcases a gradual transformation from day to evening and at night is transformed into a high energy bar. Tilt offers something for everyone, whether it is a quick, wholesome lunch, or a long, leisurely dinner with friends over cocktails and conversation, during the week. The venue doubles as a nightclub on weekends, that has seen many international DJ’s take over its decks.



Creative Co. came on board as brand managers for Tilt to execute PR, Social Media & Marketing activities for the brand.



A holistic strategy was developed to build brand awareness, ensure the brand was connecting with its audience, and was present in the media’s eye. Concepts such as corporate lunches, monthly brunch events, pop up stores, and specially programmed nights with live musicians and DJ’s were launched. Creative Co. developed properties that would enhance Tilt All Day’s USP, and bring out the best of the space. Advertising campaigns online and offline were used to create further awareness.


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