Two One Two


Two One Two Bar and Grill situated in Worli, is more than an epicurean sanctuary – it embodies the philosophy of striving for perfection. At 211 degrees, water is merely hot; at 212 degrees, it turns to steam. This Italian eatery believes it is that extra degree which makes all the difference between a plain meal and the memorable dining experience provided at their fine dine restaurant.



Being a popular brand that had been in the gastro space for a while, Two One Two – Bar & Grill’s requirement was for a fresh and new approach towards the brand’s image and subsequent media and non-media initiatives. Creative Co. came on board to differentiate this restaurant from its other competitors by executing a seamless approach to revive and refresh the brand.



The exercise involved creating a PR, Marketing and Social Media strategy that projected the uniqueness of the revamped restaurant and menu to create top of mind recall as well as reach out to a newer, HNI customer base. The agency also conceptualized other promotions and events that would capture the interest of their loyal clientele, as well as facilitate new life into the property.

Creative Co. also managed creative concepts for promotions, communication design; magazine shoots etc. for the client.